APR. 2020




Budapest Spring Festival: Liszt marathon

Schubert-Liszt: Soirées de Vienne, S. 427: I. Alegretto malinconico, II. Poco Allegro, VI. Allegro con strepito, Schubert-Liszt: Der Müller und der Bach, S. 565/2., Aufenthalt, S. 560/3., Der Doppelgänger, S 560/12., Liszt: Dante sonata, S. 161/7.

Hungarian National Museum Ceremonial Hall, Budapest, Hungary


Balázs Demény is one of the very promising talents of the young pianist scene. He is the winner of the 19th Ile de France, the "Hans von Bülow" and the "Carl Filtsch" International Piano Competitions, he is the second prize winner of the International Chopin Piano Competition (Budapest). He was invited by venues, such as the Gasteig München, the Grand Hall of the Liszt Academy Budapest, the National Concert Hall of the Palace of Arts Budapest, the Raiding Liszt Festival, the Budapest Spring Festival, the Atheneum Palace in Bucharest, the Milano World Exhibition, or the Yokohama International Piano Concert Series.

Besides this he has been awarded the "Kodály" and the "Pianist" prizes at the ISA Prag-Wien-Budapest Festival, first prizes at the International "S. Toduță" Piano Competition, and the Hungarian Music Festival in Bucharest. His latest Schumann-Bartók CD was recorded in the Budapest Music Center, in 2011 his first recording, "A Liszt Memorial Year" was published. As a solist he had been working with major orchestras through Europe, having more than 70 appareances, with conductors such as Jesús López-Cobos, András Ligeti, Gábor Hollerung, Ken Takaseki, Máté Hámori, Zsolt Jankó ,Gábor Horváth, József Horváth, Theo Wolthers, Alfonso Saura, Ion-Ilarion Galati and many others.



Balázs Demény plays  

Schumann & Bartók

Ist prize at the 19th Ile de France International Piano Competition

 "Balázs Demény is the winner of the 19th Ile de France International Piano Competition in Masions laffitte, Paris, where he also received various concert engagements. "

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Balázs Demény got the First Prize at the Lagny International Piano Competition

"Besides the first prize, Balázs Demény got the audience prize, and the Special Prize of Lagny."

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Balázs Demény received the Junior Prima Prize

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